Aktuelle Themen

Fury In The Slaughterhouse – „NOW“ (Album, 23.04.2021, Starwatch Entertainment)
Querbeat – „Radikal Positiv“ (Album, 23.07.2021, Moshbeat Records)
Lina Maly – „Nie zur selben Zeit“ (Album, 29.10.2021, Drei Tulpen Records)
Tristan Brusch – „Am Rest“ (Album, 08.10.2021, BDKA)
Delta Sleep – „Spring Island“ (Album, 10.09.2021, Sofa Boy Records)
Orla Gartland – „Woman On The Internet“ (Album, 20.08.2021, New Friends)
Sir Simon – „Repeat Until Funny“ (Album, 27.08.2021, Grand Hotel van Cleef / Comfort Noise)
Burkini Beach – „Best Western“ (Album, 27.08.2021, Grand Hotel van Cleef / Comfort Noise)
Runnner – „Always Repeating“ (Album, 16.07.2021, Run For Cover Records)
Chaoze One – „Venti“ (Album, 16.07.2021, Grand Hotel van Cleef)
Shitney Beers – „Welcome To Miami“ (Album, 23.07.2021, Zeitstrafe)
Lakes – „Start Again“ (Album, 30.07.2021, Big Scary Monsters)
ITCHY – „20  Years Down The Road“ (Buch, 11.06.2021, Findaway Books)
ISLAND – „Yesterday Park“ (Album, 25.06.2021, Frenchkiss Records)
Paul Gerlinger – „Gut Allein“ (EP, 04.06.2021, BDKA)
Walking On Rivers – „Time To Lose Control“ (EP, 04.06.2021, Walking On Rivers)
Owen – „The Avalanche Remixes“ (Album, 08.06.2021, Big Scary Monsters)
Superbloom – „Pollen“ (Album, 01.06.2021, Thirty Something Records)
Tim Neuhaus – „Echoes Vol. 1“ (EP, 10.06.2021, Grand Hotel van Cleef)
ME REX – „Megaber“ (Album, 18.06.2021, Big Scary Monsters)
Meat Wave – „Volcano Park“ (EP, 11.06.2021, Big Scary Monsters)
MAN ON MAN – „MAN ON MAN“ (Album, 07.05.2021, Big Scary Monsters)
Toké – „The Art Of Letting Go“ (EP, 07.05.2021, Munggu Tribe Records)
Fiddlehead – „Between The Richness“ (Album, 21.05.2021, Run For Cover Records)
Singles – „You told us not to worry, but life is fucking hard, mum!“ (EP, 07.05.2021, Sad Singles for Couples)